All the students are exposed to a hands-on culture to help them absorb academics and spiritual values better and faster. The aim of SPIS is to shape successful professionals with a sound sense of Islamic spirituality and social responsibility. Core values and ethics are instilled in each and every student to groom a generation next that’s aware, alert and sensitive. Students are trained to comprehend the significance of key drivers of success including discipline, time management, dedication and commitment. Special emphasis is laid on instilling virtues like empathy, charity and unity in students who would comprise tomorrow’s generation.

Prefectorial Board
SPI School is powered by a philosophy that believes in tapping and nurturing the leadership qualities in each of its students. To harness the administrative and managerial skills in students, they are made an integral part of the prefectorial board. This platform helps them essay different roles at a microscopic level; they get to be orators, organizers, evaluators, mediators and appraisers.

The House System @ SPI School
Each child is allotted a House from grade I onwards which will remain the same till the child continues to be on the school roll. The students are divided into four Houses namely: SUFFA, RAYYAN, KAWTHER and HIRA. The Houses are the focus of most of the activities outside the classroom and serve to promote team spirit, friendly and healthy competition in sporting, literary and cultural activities. They also help to promote a feeling of belongingness amongst the members of the School who are from different backgrounds. House appointments provide opportunities for learning the skills of leadership. Each House has a House Master/ House mistress, a House Captain and a Vice Captain to steer the functioning of the House.